Narinderpal Singh Ruprah (ADVOCATE)

Chairman of Governing Body

In 2018-19, the college embarked upon its first year of B.A.LL.B.(Hons) (5 yr course) and the third year of B.A. and B.Com. with the blessings of Shri Guru Granth Sahab ji.

थिर घरि बैसहु हरि जन पिआरे

सतगुरि तुमरे काज सवारे

The College owes its gratitude to Shri Mrigendra Singh ji Sr. Advocate and Member of State Bar Council of M.P. and Shri Purushendra Kaurav Sr. Advocate, the then Advocate General of M.P. without whose co-operation, the college could not have stood on its firm footing.

We are highly obliged to our Vice Chancellor Shri Kapil Deo Mishra who has nominted the most honourable lady Mrs. Sushila Singh (Ex-Mayor of Jabalpur) as a revered member of the Governing Body of this College

We are also honoured to have Dr. Shailesh Kumar Choubey HOD Economics as a Member of the Executive.

The tree planted by Shri Rakesh Singh, the Member of Lok Sabha from Jabalpur at the beginning of session was watered by none other hon'ble Justice Shri D.M.Dharmadhikari by his learned speech on the Law Day Celebration dt. 26.11.18 attended by all students and also grace by the kind presence of many legal luminaries like hon'ble Shri Ramesh Singh Thakur and hon'ble Shri Naveen Tandon Members of Central Administrative Tribunal, Jabalpur.

The dedication of the teaching staff exhibited last year has doubled and I have no doubt that in 2019-20 will see greater academic activities of the college.

Let us not leave everything to the government. We are the citizens of india. We are the owners of this land. We are the sovereigns. All, please read the Preamble of the constitution of India from where I have borrowed these noble thoughts. Constitution of India is the sacred book of law which has to be read and understood by all.

Hence I give a clarion call to all those who love our country, to come and join hands with us to make this country a better to place to live in. With a spirit of nationalism therefore, the priority of Sikh Education Society is to establish a renowned educational institution in Jabalpur.

For a law graduate, career opportunities are umpteen. And the most prestigious ones. All government, semi government and even foreign companies and other bodies need law graduates. And inspite of their being thousands of lawyers in Jabalpur, the ladder of success is never crowded at the top. Hence, come ! Come to us for legal studies. We do not promise you big money. But we do promise a prestige and honour of a respectable career.

Humanities is the most neglected discipline of all. To opt for humanities is considered to be a last resort. But it is the experts of these subjects which govern the future of the country. May it be the spiritual front, or the commercial front, or the political front, the leadership is with those who have studied and practiced Literature, Political Science or History. We have a keen desire to restore to this branch of study, the dignity and honour which it deserves.

Last but not least is the discipline of Commerce which ultimately governs everybody’s mind. When the purpose of nearly all the careers is to earn a livelihood, then why not give a little more attention and a little more talent to the study of commerce.

With a different concept altogether, with a different vision altogether, this unique college has been opened. We shall inspire all our students to dedicate their lives for the benefit of the society thereby making a very comfortable career for themselves.